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A car is a treasured possession especially the car that was not handed to you but one that you worked to buy. Studies reveal that many people around the world are emotionally attached to their cars for a variety of reasons.  Maintaining your car is essential in ensuring that your car remains in good condition. Car valeting cleans, waxes and polishes your car thereby enhancing its resale value and making it as clean as new.

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There are various processes involved in mobile car valet Dublin. The following are some of the processes associated with car valeting

  1. Cleaning

Car cleaning may involve the use of the two-bucket system. In this method one bucket is used to hold water and shampoo while the other carries the final rinsing water. Cleaning is done using mitt with water and shampoo. Real wool mitt is of good quality and gentle on your car. It does not leave swirls. For ideal results, use good quality tools. Include bucket guards and a good quality drying towel

  1. Polishing

Polishing corrects imperfections and restores the vehicle. Car polishing is an intricate process which requires the use of quality products and good workmanship for quality results. You will need to choose your buffing pads and compounds carefully depending on the kind of paintwork to be done. Paint polishing provides gloss and the wet look making it possible for light to reflect perfectly.

  1. Waxing the vehicle body

Waxing involves coating to seal and further protect the vehicle paintwork and ensure durability.

  1. Cleaning the wheels

A variety of brushes are used to clean wheels. Wheel rotating is done severally and the wheels rinsed out to leave them completely clean. The wheels can be removed during wheel cleaning for improved access to all parts. The wheels are de-tarred, and left clean for the other processes that may happen later.

  1. Cleaning shuts

Shuts are cleaned so they fit and shut well. Cleaning of shuts prevents rusting. It involves pre-spraying of all door shuts and boot shuts with detergent to loosen dirt, then rinsing at pressure.

  1. Cleaning the interior

Car valeting is not complete without cleaning the interior of the car. For mobile car valet Dublin, you will need quality shampoo for the carpets and mats, vacuum attachment to reach hidden places and a powerful wet or dry vacuum. You will need different products and cleaning solutions for different part such as glass cleaner, vinyl and plastic cleaner, buffing cloth and so on.


Valeting leaves your car restored and looking new. It enhances your car’s value and gives it a showroom look. Mobile car valeting services bring the service right to your door. Because your car is dear to you need to take good care of it by making sure it is maintained according to set standards. Ensure that you entrust your car for valeting services to a company that

  • Has experience
  • Is certified to deal in car detailing
  • Has qualified staff
  • offers security for your car
  • Is insured – this is an extra protection measure.

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